Buckeye Breeders Directory

Shumaker Farms Champion Cockerel
The American Buckeye Club Breeders Directory is offered as a FREE service for both breeders and the public to help improve and increase the Buckeye population around the USA & Canada.

BUCKEYE breeders are sorted by state beginning with their home state of OHIO & then alphabetically there after. Hatcheries are listed in blue!

A Note On "Hatcheries":  Hatcheries are just that, large poultry businesses that may breed and sell a variety of fowl, including Buckeyes.  They are not in the business of providing the best quality birds in terms of show quality or meeting the APA "Standard of Perfection", but their birds are generally very affordable. Though some hatcheries have been selling Buckeyes for many years, possibly decades, we have created a separate category for hatcheries due to the special nature of their business. If you are considering purchasing birds from a hatchery, we encourage you to inquire about VACCINATION. Some will offer that service and some will not.  If you just want some Buckeye backyard pets, egg layers and don’t care about their origin, or about getting the highest quality breeding stock, a hatchery may be an ideal place to purchase inexpensive Buckeye fowl.

Buckeye Strain: Since we are interested in the preservation of the Buckeye breed, it is often helpful to know what strain of birds (or genetic makeup) the Buckeyes we are purchasing originated from. The information provided in this listing is provided by the breeders.

A backslash ("/") between strains indicates the strains have been combined.  Strains listed without a backslash are available as pure strains from the breeder.  For example, a breeder that shows they are working with "ALBC/Brown, Urch, and ALBC" is indicating that they have pure Urch and ALBC strains available as well as a strain derived from a combination of ALBC and Brown.

In some cases, the exact origin of the Breeder's line is unknown. This does not mean the birds provided by the breeder are not wonderful examples of the breed, it only means that details of its genetic heritage are unknown. 

For the purposes of this page, we use the APA definition of "strain" which is as follows: "A family of any variety of fowls bred in line by descent by one fancier, or a successor, during a number of years, that has acquired individual characteristics which distinguish it more or less from other strains or specimens of the same variety."

Please note we use the terms "strain" and "line" interchangeably on this site.

NPIP Certification: The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) was established in the early 1930's to eliminate the spread of infectious diseases among poultry breeders and processing facilities. Breeders with a NPIP number maintain their facilities to meet NPIP standards and allow random State inspections to certify their poultry and poultry products are free of contagious disease.

Breeder Inclusion in the Directory: If you are a Buckeye breeder you can be added to this directory for FREE by contacting Jeff Lay @ (jefflay4686@gmail.com) with your name, mailing address, e-mail address, website, phone number, and what you offer for sale (such hatching eggs, chicks, adult birds).  If you participate in the NPIP, please also provide your NPIP number. In addition, please provide information about your "strain" if you know where they came from. For example, let us know if your strain is from "Brown", "Urch", "ALBC", or "Hatchery” lines and if it originated from a hatchery let us know which hatchery. If you don’t know the strain, simply state “strain unknown”.   Buckeye breeders who do not wish to identify their strain will be listed as "strain unknown” following the line “Breeder since 20XX”.

Note: The ABC reserves the right to remove the contact information of ANY breeder at ANY time.

Ohio Breeders are listed first, then all other states appear in 
alphabetical order.  
(Breeders outside the United States are listed after USA Breeders)

Ohio - Home of the Buckeye

Shumaker Farm Poultry
Joe Shumaker
2118 Gibson Rd.
Martinville, OH 45146
Website: www.shumakerfarmbuckeyechickens.com
Breeder Since 2009: Brown / Lay
NPIP #: 31-697

Crains Run Ranch Rooster (photo by Jeff Lay)
Crains Run Ranch
Jeffrey Lay

4686 Crains Run Rd.
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342
Email: jefflay4686@gmail.com
Website: http://www.crainsrunranch.com/
Breeder Since 2002: Originator of the "Lay" line (also maintains the old lines of Pearce, Rhodes, Urch and Pierce)
NPIP #: 31-337

Circle U Farm
Josh Ulrey
Ada, Ohio 45810
Email: joshnu78@yahoo.com
Offers: Hatching Eggs & Chicks
Breeder Since 2013: Lay & Shumaker lines
NPIP#: --

John Brown (passed away 2/20/2019)
Loveland, Ohio
Breeder Since 1980: Originator of the "Brown" line
NPIP #: --

AJ Mize
2574 Babcock Rd.
Hinckley, Ohio 44233
Email: aj44094@yahoo.com
Phone: 216-401-1833
Breeder Since 2016: Shumaker/Lay 
NPIP #: --

Jan Humphries
Batavia, OH 45103
Phone: 513-509-9713
Email: jan1ah@aol.com
Breeder Since 2009: Brown / Lay / Rau lines
NPIP #: --

Depew Enterprises
Sarah & Ron Depew
1053 County Road 1600
Ashland, Ohio 44805
Email: srdepew@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2016: Shumaker (Lay/Brown) line 
NPIP #: 31-1321

Providence Farm
Jill Smith

6494 Martinburg Rd.
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
Phone: 740-391-6494
Email: providencefarm98@embarqmail.com
Breeder Since 2007: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Twin Hearts Farm
Brenda Durham-Pesta
Williamsburg, Ohio
Email: brendadurham5@aol.com
Phone: 513-646-0061
Breeder Since 2012:
NPIP #: --

Double B Poultry
Bill Boone
535 S Raab Rd
Swanton, Ohio 43558----
Email: boone2008@embargmail.com
Phone: 419-825-2379
Offers: Hatching eggs & chicks
Breeder Since 2009: ???
NPIP #: 31-515

Cross Gable Farms
Mark Chevalier

26328 Locust Grove Rd.
Creola, OH 45622
Phone: 740-596-0452
Email: chevalier@ohiohills.com
Breeder Since 2007: Unknown
NPIP #: --

BaaLiss Grass Farm
Deborah Mattix & Clarence Atkinson

7285 County Road 183
Fredericktown, OH 43019
email: dsm203@hotmail.com
Breeder Since 2006: Meyer Hatchery/Urch
NPIP: #31-471

S.M. Fildes Rare & Endangered Poultry
122 Southgate Ave.
Morrow, Ohio 45152
Phone: 513-680-1243
email: smfildes@gmail.com
Offers: Day old chicks, adult fowl
Breeder Since 2009: Various lines
NPIP: #31-511

Robin Rau
3684 McLean Rd.
Franklin, OH 45005
Phone: 937-743-9039
Cell: 937-477-2478
Offers: Day old chicks available....pick up or shipped
Breeder Since 2002: Rau Line (started with Brown) 

Jack A. Grote
Galena, Ohio 43201
Email: jackgrote@gmail.com
Offers: Adult Birds ONLY
Breeder Since 2017: Lay / Shumaker 
NPIP #: --

Jason & Ashley Rainwater
7634 US 36
Bradford, Ohio 45308
Email: jafarmsoh@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2017:
NPIP #: --

Meyer Hatchery
626 SR 89
Polk, OH 44866
Phone: 888-568-9755
Website: http://www.meyerhatchery.com/
Breeder Since 2006: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Photo by Jeff Lay of Crains Run Ranch


Daniel Buzbee
7502 Alabama Hwy 69 South
Cullman, AL 35057
Phone: 256-287-1422
Buckeye Breeder Since 2005: Unknown
NPIP #: --


Sissy’s Poultry Pen
James Cunningham
17 CR 636
Bay, AR. 72411
Phone: 870-638-9396
Email: coloneljim-69@yahoo.com
Offers: Day Old Chicks and Hatching Eggs
Breeder Since 2014: Hatchery
NPIP#: 71-0685


Central Valley Buckeyes
Thomas (Tom) J. Dinwoodie
 2749 Herrod Ave
Atwater, CA 95301-9422
Email: centralvalleyebuckeyes@yahoo.com
Alt. Email: tomatotomplus@yahoo.com
Phone: 209-357-1134 (home)
Cell: 831-212-0173
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: CA409

Azalea Springs Preservation Sanctuary
Douglas Hayes

P.O. Box 588
Calistoga, CA 94515
Phone: 707-942-5107
Breeder Since 2010: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Babe's Birds
Tony & Erin Krier
Nipomo, CA
Phone: 805-931-0883
Email: krier-4@sbcglobal.net
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Cook's Ranch
Teresa Cook
Valley Center, CA 92082,
Phone: 760-717-4919
Email: teresarcook@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2011: ALBC Line
NPIP #: --

California Hatchery
PO Box 102
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Phone: 530-413-8257
Email: service@californiahatchery.com
Website: http://www.californiahatchery.com/
Breeder Since 2010: Unknown
NPIP #: --


Ann Hehl
Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: N/A
Email: hehl@juno.com
Breeder Since 2005: Unknown
NPIP # : --


Tanya N. Miller
281 Marjorie Lane
Harrington, DE 19952
Phone: 501-412-5208
Email: blazingcoppersunshine@hotmail.com
Breeder Since 2010: Unknown (Buckeye Bantams)
NPIP # : --


Never Say Never Farm
Ann Holt

3264 Yothers Rd.
Apopka, FL 32712
Phone: 407-399-1592
Email: nsnfarm@yahoo.com
Breeder Since 2007: Lay / Braden lines
NPIP #: --

Roseland Haven Farm
Mary Wetterstroem

912 Cowert Rd.
Plant City, FL 33567
Phone: 813-494-8485
Email: mwetterstroem@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2009: Braden/Lay/Urch lines (via Ann Holt & Sand Hill)
NPIP #: 58-1451

Spring Hill Heritage Poultry Conservatory
6227 BoatWrite Rd.
Spring Hill, FL 34609
Email: CHICKENS@Spring-Hill-Heritage-Poultry-Conservatory.info
Website: www.Spring-Hill-Heritage-Poultry-Conservatory.info
Offers: Hatching eggs and chicks
Breeder Since 2010: Unknown
NPIP #: --


Alan Brauer
282 Washboard Trail
Hillsboro, IL 62049-3428
Phone: 217-532-2437
Email: mailto:abraure@praize.comBreeder
Breeder Since 2005: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Bob Gilbert
2009 S. Vine St.
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217-417-0112
Email: theporkstork@yahoo.com
Breeder Since 2009: ALBC / Brown / Urch lines
NPIP #: 1145


Karen Bratcher
Athol, Idaho  
Breeder Since 2012: Shumaker
NPIP # : --


Hidden Creek Farm
Bill & Geri Dyke

13100 W County Road 300 S

Yorktown, IN 47396
Phone: 765-212-9445
Email: Bill.Dyke@Hidden-Creek-Farm.com
Website: http://www.Hidden-Creek-Farm.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hidden.Creek.Farm.of.Indiana
Offers: Day old chicks, young pullets & cockerels
Breeder Since 2012: Dyke Line (started with Lay & Shumaker)
NPIP #: 32-421

Heritage Meadows Farm
Alan & Amy McKamey
Clayton, IN 47396
Phone: 317-539-2489
Email: info@heritagemeadowsfarm.net
Website: http://www.heritagemeadowsfarm.net
Offers: Farm Pick-Up ONLY....call for availability
Breeder Since 2012: Unknown
NPIP# --


Sand Hill Preservation Center (Hatchery)
Glen & Linda Drowns

1878 230th St.
Calamus, IA 52729
Phone: 563-246-2299
Email: sandhill@fbcom.net
Website: http://www.sandhillpreservation.com/
Breeder Since 2000: Urch line (both new & old Urch lines)
NPIP #: --

Welp, Inc. (Hatchery)
Bancroft, Iowa 50517
Phone: 800-458-4473
Website: http://www.welphatchery.com/
Breeder Since 2005: Unknown
NPIP #: --


Felix Hoy
206 Railroad St.
Mulberry, KS 66756
Phone: 620-764-3215
Email: hoy@ckt.net
Breeder Since 2011: Urch line (via Janet Hatch)
NPIP #: --


Winganeek II Farm
Molly DeParna
514 Nina Ridge Road
Lancaster, KY 40444
Phone: 859-792-6982
Email: winganeekIIfarm@gmail.com
Offers: Hatching Eggs
Breeder Since: ???
NPIP #: --


Baltimore Honey & Buckeye Chickens
Meme Thomas

6115-6117 Stanton Ave.
Baltimore City, MD 21210
Email: meme.thomas@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.baltimorehoney.org/
Breeder Since 2012: Unknown Hatchery lines
NPIP #: --


Jason Irish 
10 Andy Acres
Peru, Maine 04290
Phone:  207-357-4937
Email: jason_irish@yahoo.com
Breeder Since 2015: Lay & ALBC line
NPIP # --

Fresh Meadow Farm
David Manski & Shira Singer
444 Norway Dr.
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Breeder Since 2006: Unknown
NPIP #: --


Robert R. Rhodes
133 Millville Street
Mendon, MA 01756
Phone: 508-282-0252
Breeder Since 1970: Originator of the Rhodes line
NPIP #: --


Turnland Poultry
Duane Urch

2142 N.W. 47th Ave.
Owantonna, MN 55060
Phone: 507-451-6782
Email: dpurch@netzero.net
Breeder Since 1950's: Originator of the Urch line (Early Tallman line)
NPIP #: --

Prairie Chick Poultry
Theri Voss
43100 County 48 Blvd
Zumbrota, MN 55992
Phone: 507-250-3386
Email: prairiechickpoultry@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2010: Urch
NPIP #: --

Earl of the Manor
Jason Karwoski
P.O. Box 1
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
Phone: 651-270-3551
Breeder Since 2012: Unknown 

Stromberg's (Hatchery)
PO BOX 400
Pine River, MN 56474
Phone: 800-720-1134
Website: http://www.strombergschickens.com/
Breeder Since 1975: Originator of the Stromberg line (Early Urch line)
NPIP #: --


Terry Gill
14181 Washburn Rd.
Otter Lake, MI 48464
Phone: 810-691-5945
Email: gillt57@aol.com
Breeder Since 2006: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Woods & Feather Farm
Melissa Hoskinson
Alpena, MI 49707
Breeder Since 2018: Dyke Line
Email: woodsandfeather@yahoo.com
Offers: Will have chicks and hatching eggs in 2020
NPIP #: --


Liz Bounds
Macks Creek, MO 65786
Phone: 573-745-0822
Breeder Since 2007: Lay / Ideal Hatchery lines
NPIP #: --

Travis Anders
Anders Poultry Farm
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Email: anderspoultryfarm@yahoo.com
Breeder Since 2009: ALBC & unknown lines

Offers: Day old chicks and hatching eggs
NPIP #: 43-678

J Squared Farms
Janet & J.R. Hatch

Kingston, MO
Phone: 816-586-2262
Email: jghatch@centurytel.net
Breeder Since 2009: Brown, Urch & ALBC lines
NPIP #: 43-727

Cackle Hatchery
Jeff Smith
PO Box 529
Lebanon, MO 65536
Phone: 417-532-4581
Email: cacklehatchery@cacklehatchery.com
Website: http://www.cacklehatchery.com/
Email: jeff@cacklehatchery.com
Breeder Since 2009: Unknown
Offers Day Old Chicks ONLY
NPIP #: 43-105


Heritage Organics, LLC
PO Box 135
Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone: 406-381-6576

Email: heritageorganicsmt@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.heritageorganics.org
Breeder Since 2010: Brown / Rau

Offers: Day old chicks and hatching eggs
NPIP #: Pending

Linda Cardenas
Stevensville, MT 59870
Phone: 406-207-1745
Email: bitterroot_buckeyes@cybernet1.com
Breeder Since 2010: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Rough Diamond Farm
Chris McVeda
Great Falls, MT
Phone: 406-781-0057
Email: mcveda@hotmail.com
Buckeye Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line

Walking K Acres
Tom & Sharon Kaberline
3320 Baldy Drive
Helena, MT 59602
Phone: 406-558-4755
Email: sharonrae7@bresnan.net
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

New Mexico

Privett Hatchery
PO Box 176
Portales, NM 88130
Phone: 575-356-6425
Email: privetth@yahoo.com
Breeder Since 2005: Unknown
NPIP #: --

New York

Little Heirloom Acres Farm & Preserve
William & Gabrielle DeSimone

PO Box 181
Garrattsville, NY 13342
Phone: 607-965-2351
Email: littleheirloom1@aol.com
Breeder Since 2005: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Bruce & Robin Dunning
1037 Ledge Hill Rd.
Westport, NY 12993
Phone: 518-962-8336
Email: bcdunning@hotmail.com
Breeder Since 2010: Unknown
NPIP #: --

North Carolina

The Ivy Hill Farm
Sam & Jacque Charwood
Jacksonville, NC
Buckeye Breeder Since 2013; Lay line
NPIP # -- Pending

John & Sue Marshall
8743 NC HWY 150 SOUTH
Linwood, NC 27299
Phone: 336-752-2886 (office)
      alt: 336-675-9385 (cell)
Email: jsfarm@ptmc.net
Buckeye Breeder Since 2008: ALBC line
NPIP # -- Pending

East of Eden Farm

Jonathan & Jan Bostic
Huntersville, NC
Email: food@eastofedenfarm.com
Buckeye Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP # --

Sonburst Farm
Pat & Annalee Weaver

Salisbury, NC
Phone: 704-638-6533
Email: sonburst@bellsouth.net
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line

American Livestock Breed Conservancy
Jeannette & Fred Beranger

270 Bailey Way
Siler City, NC 27344
Phone: 919-837-5828
Email: jberanger@albc-usa.org
Breeder Since 2005: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Sustainable Poultry Network
Jim Adkins
642 Moffitt Hill Road
Old Fort, NC 28762
Phone: 209-890-5326
Email: jim@centerforpoultry.com
Buckeye Breeder Since 2011: ALBC line
NPIP #: --


Stoney Creek Heritage Farms
Bill Francis

Beggs, OK 74421
Phone: NA
Email: stoneycreekheritagefarm@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.stoneycreekheritagefarm.org
Breeder Since 2009: Brown & Lay
NPIP #: 3219


Rusty C Farm
Andrew & Angi Cartales
Newberg, Oregon

Phone: 503-709-1442
Email: rustycfarm@onlinenw.com
Website: www.rustycfarm.com
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: --


Shoalwater Kennel
Garnett Persinger
14182 Loake Road
Conneautville, PA  16406
Phone: 814-587-2365
Email: shoalwater@windstream.net
Breeder Since 2007: Lay line and others Unknown
NPIP #: --

South Carolina

Angel Feathers Farm
Ginni Hallman
1722 Sierra Road
York, SC 29745
Phone: 704-530-4988
Email: angelfeathersfarm@gmail.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AngelFeathersFarm
Breeder Since : Lay line
Offers: Hatching eggs and chicks
NPIP # SC 56-483

Patient Wait Farms
Gail & Mike Cooley

Piedmont, SC 29673
Phone: 864-947-8881
Email: bcsiren@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.patientwait.com/
Breeder Since 2009: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Live Oak Farms
Chuck & Allison Schaum

270 Sam Davis Rd.
Woodruff, SC 29388
Phone: 864-991-9839
Website: http://www.liveoakfarmsllc.com/
Breeder Since 2010: Unknown
NPIP #: --

South Dakota

Sean Kruger
20512 295th Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501
Email: arpcat@yahoo.com
Breeder Since 2015: Privett
NPIP #: --


Kimberly Wonov
Because I Can Farm
Coker Creek, TN
Phone: 423-261-2513
Breeder Since 2015: ???
NPIP #: --

Kristina Martone
Kingston, TN
Phone: 865-209-8919
Email: tennesseeturkeys@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Skyline Poultry
James Meeks

302 White Rd.
Old Fort, TN 37362
Phone: N/A
Email: support@skylinepoultry.net
Breeder Since 2010: Braden line
NPIP #: 331

Hiwasee Nursery
Robert McGinnis

Phone: N/A
Email: R_McGinnis@msn.com
Breeder Since 2010: Braden line
NPIP #: --


Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms (Hatchery)
215 West Main St.
PO BOX 591
Cameron, TX 76520-0591
Phone: 254-697-6677
Email: help@idealpoultry.com
Website: http://www.idealpoultry.com/
Breeder Since 2005: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Davlin Farm
Dave & Lynne Updegrove
Lincoln, Virginia
Phone: 540-338-5964
Email: davlinfarm@aol.com
Website: www.davlinfarm.com
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: 52-271

Willow Spring Farm
Don Buck
505 Milk Plant Road
Rural Retreat, VA 24368
Phone: 276-782-0499 or 276-686-8242
Email: willowspringfarm@centurylink.net
Breeder since 2013: ALBC line
NPIP # : --

Checkmate Farm
Joe & Kathy Donovan
18923 Checkmate Lane

Bluemont, Virginia 20135
Phone: 540-554-2858
Email: kathy@checkmatefarm.com
Breeder Since 2012: ALBC line
NPIP #: --

Larry & Jeanne Hull
604 Spruce Street
Monterey, Virginia 24465
Phone: 540-468-2945
Breeder Since 2015: Hatchery
NPIP #: --

Luis Matos
Roanoke, VA
Phone: 866-884-4599
Email: roanoke7va@aol.com
Breeder Since 2008: ALBC line
NPIP #: --


FrogHaven Farm
Barbara Judd
Salkum, WA 98582
Email: barb@froghaven.org
Breeder Since ???: Unknown
Offers: Day old chicks & hatching eggs
NPIP #: --

West Virginia

Moon Haven Farm
Laura Bowers

228 Donohue Rd.
Evans, WV 25241
Email: laura@moonhavenfarm.com
Breeder Since 2006: Unknown
NPIP #: --

Don Schrider
Harpers Ferry, WV
Email: brownleghorn@gmail.com
Breeder Since 2006: ALBC line
NPIP #: --


Purely Poultry (Hatchery)
Tyler Danke

PO Box 1065
Oshkosh, WI 54903
Phone: 920-472-4068
Email: chicks@purelypoultry.com
Website: http://www.purelypoultry.com/
Breeder Since 2009: Urch line
NPIP #: --


Crystal McKinnon
Caroline, Alberta, Canada T0M0M0

Email: cmckinnon222@gmail.com
Phone: 403-318-3344
Website: http://www.lalallamas-chickendivision.com
Buckeye Breeder Since 2015: Unknown
NPIP #: Not applicable outside the USA


The American Buckeye Club gets breeders & hatchery names, addresses and other contact information from a variety of sources. These sources include the Internet, non-copyright protected printed material, and other breed directories. If your name appears in the Buckeye Breeders Directory and you wish to be removed, please send us an email and we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

The American Buckeye Club relies upon the integrity of both buyers and sellers, and we cannot guarantee the health and/or quality of poultry being sold.