Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the American Buckeye Club Blog!

The American Buckeye Club is a recognized breed club of the American Poultry Association (APA) and is sponsored by Ohio-based Buckeye Breeder, Jeffrey Lay, who has been raising and breeding Buckeyes since 2002.  Membership is open to anyone interested in preserving the Buckeye breed, and best of all its FREE!!!

BUCKEYE BREEDER LISTINGS: If you are a Buckeye breeder and wish to be placed in the BREEDERS DIRECTORY, please send us an email with the information requested on the Breeders Directory page and we will gladly add you for free.

HELP FINDING BUCKEYES: If you are trying to find a breeder near you and one is not listed in our BREEDERS DIRECTORY for your area please let us know and we'll try to find someone who can assist you. Many breeders will ship hatching eggs and day-old chicks anywhere in the USA!

When selecting a Buckeye breeder, we recommend you learn as much as you can about their stock and lineage before you buy. Some breeders may not know where their "strain" or "line" comes from and not all breeders will breed to the APA Standard of Perfection. If you plan to raise your birds for eggs or meat, this may not matter to you. However, if you plan to breed your birds, knowing more about their lineage may save you a lot of work and heartache.

MEMBERSHIP: As of January 2012, the club has grown to over 200 members! We have had a Yahoo Group forum for many years that is very active and loaded with great information about the history, care, and breeding of Buckeyes. Please join the group by clicking here!

To help increase avenues for communication we also launched the "Buckeye Chickens" Facebook page. You can find that group by clicking here.

The American Buckeye Club has one basic goal: BUCKEYE PRESERVATION. We help buyers find individual Breeders and/or Hatcheries that offer Buckeye chicks, adult birds and hatching eggs. It is our desire to assist newcomers to the Buckeye breed in gaining a wealth of expertise, practical experience and hope they find our members to have the highest degree of integrity and honesty when conducting business.  If you ever find that is not the case, please contact us by clicking here.

Jenn Andersen
Blog Designer
The American Buckeye Club