Friday, November 2, 2012

What happened to October???

Yes, it is November 2012 and hopefully most of you in the "Buckeye Nation" have ALL the winterizing chores completed and are thinking about the coming spring hatching season already!  October came and went so rapidly I don't believe we posted a single comment in the BLOG but the Facebook page and Yahoo Group keeps us ALL very busy to say the least.  Here in SW Ohio we have had several heavy frosts and one or two hard freezes but so far not "busting ice" just yet.  The big storm (Hurricane Sandy) came into Ohio and combined with an upper level cold front that dumped snow across the Buckeye state the last few days of October.  Halloween was a cold, rainy and windy event for most of the kids in 2012!

Speaking of "Sandy", our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks on the east coast who were hit much harder than Ohioans and we wish them well with the pending clean-up and rebuilding efforts.  Lots of homes were distroyed and people lost family members and loved ones along the coast of New Jersey, Virginia, New York and other New England states.  Tragic events like a hurricane can have an impact on millions of people and the GREAT thing about America is the way people pull together in these difficult times to help one another!  God Bless all those who are lending a helping hand, too.

In closing, November is a good time to start thinking about your breeding pens. It won't be long before we will be pairing up mates for the coming late winter, early spring hatches!  Make sure you have everything ready and build a few extra breeding pens just in case.  There are still a few Buckeye breeders selling some fine breeding pairs and trios out there so if you have the bug to add another "family" or some new "blood" it might not be too late.  We hope everyone has a super November and remember Thanksgiving is just around the corner so if you didn't raise a turkey place your orders early for a wonderful Bowman & Landes gobbler, "Farm Raised & Free Ranged" right here in Ohio ( )....some of the best in the midwest!!!