Sunday, May 26, 2013

Southern Ohio Poultry Association Spring 2013 Show

Lucasville, OH - The American Buckeye Clubs 2nd Annual show at Lucasville, Ohio came to a close today (Sunday, May 26th) and we congratulate all the participants and the winners!  As far as Buckeyes are concerned their respective classes in both the Open and Junior divisions were well represented.  There were more Buckeye Large Fowl than any other bred in the American Class this spring! 

                                 Reserve American Buckeye Cock - Shumaker Farms

Once again Shumaker Farms does very well and manages to take a Buckeye Cock to Champion row winning Reserve American.  Like last year, a special trophy was presented called “Nettie’s Vision” and it was awarded to the Buckeye with the best, DARKEST and most even color as Nettie often described in her writings. This year the Nettie’s Vision trophy was awarded to Sydney Shumaker of Shumaker Farms. Again congratulations to ALL of those who put forth the effort and are dedicated to the Buckeye breed! Below are the ABC’s official results;


Jr Buckeye Large Fowl

Best of Breed – Sydney Shumaker (Cock)

Reserve – Evan Edingfield (Hen)

Jr Buckeye Bantam

Best of Breed & Reserve – Brandi Powell (Cockerel & Pullet)

Open Buckeye Large Fowl

Best of Breed & Reserve – Shumaker Farm (Cock & Hen)

Open Buckeye Bantam

Best of Breed & Reserve – Sharon Fields (Cockerel & Pullet)

Nettie’s Vision Trophy – Sydney Shumaker (Cock)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greetings "Buckeye Nation".....the ABC wants to remind everyone of the upcoming "American Buckeye Club 2nd Annual Meet" to be held on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-26, 2013 in Lucasville, Ohio. Hosted by the Southern Ohio Poultry Association and held at the Scioto County Fairgrounds (see map link below) this is a great venue for Buckeye owners to come out and show their fowl, talk with other Buckeye owners and breeders plus enjoy some GREAT food!

For info visit or contact;

Southern Ohio Poultry Assn 
312 O'Connor Rd
Lucasville, OH 45648

The American Buckeye Club will provide club trophies to the Open & Junior Champions and a "SPECIAL" trophy to honor "Nettie Metcalf's Vision" of this DARK RED fowl. All ABC trophies will be awarded regardless of club affiliation, in other words you don't have to be an ABC member in order to receive a trophy!

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or post them here! Looking forward to seeing many ABC members and a few new faces in Lucasville in May, too!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Columbus, Indiana – On May 4, 2013 at the APA sanctioned “Feathered Friends Poultry Show” history was made when a Buckeye cock was awarded “BEST of SHOW”!  Owner’s Sydney & Joe Shumaker of Shumaker Poultry Farm, near Wilmington, Ohio walked away with Champion American & Champion Large Fowl in addition to taking home the BIG trophy.  According to Jeff Lay, spokeman for the American Buckeye Club, “this is of historical significance for the Buckeye breed because there are no records indicating a Buckeye winning BEST of SHOW during modern times.” Mr. Lay added, “There have been many Buckeyes win Reserve Champion, Champion American and even Champion Large Fowl in the past decade but none have been awarded the TOP HONOR until the Shumaker Buckeye this year.  Historical records and documentation dating back to 1905 are unclear as well so it is possible the Shumaker Buckeye cock is the FIRST Buckeye to achieve this distinction.”

Joe Shumaker, father of Sydney Shumaker who has shown this Buckeye cock for 2 years now, reports this Buckeye cock has 6 APA sanctioned Champion American, 4 Reserve Champion Large Fowl, and 1 Best of Show Junior 4H victories to his credit.  Equally important, is the fact that most of these wins took place at shows with 1200-1800 fowl entered and the American classes consisting of more than 100 birds total.  “Being a Show Champion is something we felt this Buckeye cock was capable of becoming and with any luck he will have a few more years of competitive exhibition left in him”, said Mr. Shumaker.


Above is a picture of the Show Champion Buckeye cock and the photo is courtesy of Jennifer Wulff of the Poultry Press.  To learn more about Shumaker Farms & their Buckeyes visit this website link;
If you would like to see this beautiful buckeye cock in person, consider attending the “Southern Ohio Poultry Association Show”, May 25-26, 2013 in Lucasville, Ohio.  The Shumaker’s will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about Buckeyes plus the American Buckeye Club will be hosting their 2nd Annual Club meet at this show.  Trophies will be issued by the American Buckeye Club and all are welcome to stop by and visit the ABC crew!