Saturday, July 14, 2012

Buckeye Grand Champions at Ohio & Iowa County Fairs

It’s County Fair Season and all over the USA the young men and women involved with 4H are showing some very nice poultry!  The American Buckeye Club is always interested in hearing success stories involving children in the poultry world but this was a special week for a variety of reasons.  We received news about 2 members with children participating in 4H that did extremely well with their Buckeye Large Fowl this week.  In Cedar County, Iowa the Jensen family is proud to announce Parker Jensen had the Grand Champion American with a Buckeye Cock and the #1 Buckeye Cockerel in the Large Fowl Junior Division (see picture below).

                                                   (photo courtesy of Lisa Jensen)

The American Buckeye Club would like to congratulate Parker and his family for a job well done!

In addition, the Clinton County Fair in Ohio is home to the Shumaker Family and Sydney Shumaker had an outstanding day on Friday July 13th.  Winning 15 Blue Ribbons and 5 Trophies in ALL, Sydney took Grand Campion Male and Overall BEST of Show with her Buckeye Cock (see picture below)! 
                           (Sydney Shumaker & her Grand Champion Buckeye Cock)

She also won the BEST Trio and top honors for Egg Production with her Buckeyes.  Sydney made a clean sweep of the American Class having not only the #1 Cock but the #1 Cockerel and #1 Hen (both Buckeyes) and the #1 pullet, a Rhode Island Red.  This pullet went on to win Grand Champion Female, too!  Below are pictures of Sydney with both Grand Champion fowl and the BEST TRIO at the Clinton County, Ohio event. 

                                             (pictures courtesy of Amy & Joe Shumaker)

Congratulations again to Sydney Shumaker and Parker Jensen for helping promote the Buckeye breed and we hope more members will provide photos of their winning Buckeye’s in the coming months!  4H is a GREAT place to get kids interested in raising poultry and a super way to introduce them to Buckeyes.  If you want to get your children involved contact your local county 4H club, generally you can find more information thru your county fair or their website.
           (Sydney Shumaker's Grand Champion, Overall BEST of Show Buckeye Cock)