Monday, August 27, 2012

Fair Season is in FULL SWING all over the Buckeye Nation!!!

Here in Ohio and ALL over the USA County and State Fairs are taking center stage.  With many of our American Buckeye Club members and their families involved in 4H we have been seeing a lot of smiling faces with trophies and blue ribbons alike in the poultry competition!  Yes the Buckeyes are doing very well it seems and with any luck we will be seeing more happy kids in the coming weeks.  Below are just a few of the BIG winners during the 2012 fair season;

Rebekah Zeigler’s daughter Emily took 2nd place with her pullet and 3rd place with her cockerel at the Hartford fair near their home in Central Ohio. The judge said she had the best Buckeye pullet in the barn!!

Jason Barnett’s daughter took a first place for her Buckeye in the LF fancy division at the Clark County Fair in Ohio.  She was one happy girl (and so was dad);

At the Weld County Fair in Colorado back in July, the Kanzler Family did very well with their 4H projects including their poultry!  Below is a photo of the Kanzler gals and their tropies;

 David Schneider of Milan, IN reported his boys, Logan & Hunter did very well with their RED fowl in their 4H county fair recently.  They knocked down FIRST & SECOND place ribbons for their RIR hen and pullet!  David recently purchased some Buckeye Pullets from Shumaker Farm’s of Wilmington, Ohio so watch for his boys to win with another RED fowl in the future!!! Logan & Hunter are happy poultry owners in the picture below;

Congratulations to ALL the 4H kids and their parents for helping them get started showing poultry and raising Buckeyes!  If you are an ABC member and have photos of your child or grandchild participating with their poultry at your local county or state fair please share them with us an we will see they get posted.  4H is a GREAT way to get a child started in poultry and it helps build their self esteem as well as teaching them life long lessons!  The American Buckeye Club is a proud sponsor of the 4H program and we encourage our members to support 4H, too.