Monday, June 9, 2014

APA and Ohio State Senate Recognizes FIRST Buckeye "Grand Master Exhibitor"

Dayton, Ohio - June 6, 2014

The first ever "Grand Master", perhaps in the entire history of the Buckeye breed, was announced with recognition from the American Poultry Association (APA) Secretary early this month prior to the release of the APA's 2014 Year Book.  In order to achieve "Grand Master" within the APA one must achieve 100 or more points showing the same variety of fowl. Shumaker Farms Poultry has reached this milestone while showing their Buckeyes for only 4 short years!  Joe Shumaker and his daughter Sydney are a father daughter team that have been breeding and showing Buckeyes around the Midwest since 2009.  The Shumaker's raise their poultry in Wilmington, Ohio which is located in the Southwest portion of the Buckeye state.

Joe Shumaker had this to say to American Buckeye Club Members;

"Hey everyone, exciting news for Buckeye Nation and myself. The Buckeye breed officially has its first Grand Master. I confirmed it with secretary of the APA. I successfully earned enough points to be recognized as a Master Breeder last year and will be recognized in the APA yearbook. I had 91 points towards the Grand Master going into 2014. After winning in Marietta, OH and in Frankfort, KY this year, I have enough points to recognized as the first ever Buckeye Grand Master!"

In addition to the Shumaker's achievement being posted in the 2014 APA Yearbook, Joe also received an honor from the Ohio State Senate as you can see and read below;

The American Buckeye Club would also like to congratulate Shumaker Farms Poultry for a job well done!