Monday, June 24, 2013

Buckeyes Return to Birthplace in Warren, Ohio

On June 13, 2013 the “Buckeye Reds” made their way back home to Warren, Ohio.  More importantly, a small flock of Buckeyes returned to the very place their ancestors were created, the actual Metcalf "Red Feather Farm" in Trumbull County!  From 1878 thru 1909 a small farm belonging to Frank & Nettie Metcalf could be found along an old country road that connected Lordstown, Ohio with the City of Warren.  Their humble farm was split into two tracts, 54.50 acres in Warren Twp and 47.50 acres in Lordstown Twp, with a combined total acreage of 102 acres.  The Metcalf’s lived in a rather modest 2 story farm house (pictured below), typical of the era, and possibly built by Frank himself prior to asking Nettie Williams hand in marriage. Unfortunately, the old homestead didn’t survive a fire and burnt to the ground in the late 1960’s.  According to locals living in the area an old home that looked like the house pictured was destroyed by fire.

 RED FEATHER FARM - Warren, OHIO (circa 1900)
Today, the Metcalf farm is broken into many smaller parcels with the largest residential tract being 15 acres and it is owned by Mrs. Mary Smith.  The Smith home was built in the 1940’s and was purchased in the 1970’s by Mrs. Smith and her husband who ran a gold driving range from the property for a number of years. Interestingly enough the existing house has similar looking pine trees growing nearby, just as the Metcalf home did in the 1890’s.

Jeff Lay, owner of Crains Run Ranch and Co-Founder of the American Buckeye Club, met with Mrs. Smith in mid April of this year. They discussed the farms history, the Buckeye breed and the Metcalf’s who originally lived on the farm site. The current owner of “Red Feather Farm”, as Nettie called the place in her day, was no stranger to poultry and had a small chicken coop and run already in place!  Mrs. Smith said she had heard of the Buckeye but had no clue she actually lived on the former Metcalf property.  Below is a picture of the old coop and “chicken tractor” built many years ago for the poultry Mrs. Smith raised to provide eggs and meat for the family.

Finally, approximately 16 Buckeye chicks found their way home.....back to Warren, Ohio and the site of the "Original" Nettie Metcalf RED FEATHER FARM! After nearly 105 years absence from the farm, the new Buckeye owner, Mary (below right) and her sister Wilma (below left), were very pleased with the young Buckeye flock. They simply couldn’t believe how friendly these little red beauties actually are and will give them a great home!

If you are a history buff or interested in supporting documentation, we have included maps from 1899 that provide actual proof of the Metcalf Farm and its original location.  The American Buckeye Club is pleased to share this information from the past with everyone in addition we are pleased to be making history o June 13, 2013 by bringing the Buckeye back to Warren Twp in Trumbull County Ohio! An old map created in 1899 shows the location of the Metcalf farm and where the actual home site was located on the property. This link shows Trumbull County and its Townships in 1899;

1899 Map of Trumbull County
This link is a map of Warren Twp (photo below);
This link is a map of Lordstown Twp (photo below);
You can see the two tracts labeled “F.C. & N. Metcalf” in the two pictures above, this reflects “Frank C. & Nettie Metcalf” were the owners of this property when the maps were made or revised in 1899.  In 2013, the area has changed considerably, a blacktop road (SR 45) now replaces the old dirt road between Warren & Lordstown and some slight roadway changes bisect the former Metcalf property a little differently.  However the "Google Map" image below shows some of the property boundary's remain unchanged today.

The American Buckeye Club would like to thank Mrs. Smith and the Trumbull County Historical Society for helping make this home coming complete!