Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to the ABC blog!

Greetings American Buckeye Club members!  Thanks again to Jenn Andersen for ALL the work she has done with the new ABC blog.  She is a tremendous asset to the club!  Since this is my first post to the BLOG my goal today is to make this short and to the point for everyone interested in Buckeyes we have a fantastic new tool to help our members.  The "Understanding the SOP" page is a great resource for Buckeye breeders and new exhibitors who want to know what features are good and which might not be so good.  Many newbies ask, "What is the ideal Pea-Comb?" or "What should the Buckeye tail look like exactly?" and we've made an attempt to answer these with photos!  Simply stated it's a "comparison" page that will grow as we have more photos to add so visit often and feel free to send us your pics if you have examples that might help others.

Many of you have already started hatching Buckeye chicks, some have placed their first orders for hatching eggs or day-old chicks.  We encourage everyone who has questions about hatching, feeding or brooding their new arrivals to simply post your questions or comments here or join our Yahoo or Facebook groups.  You can find links to join both at the Home page of this BLOG!  I hope everyone is still braced for isn't over just yet but we can see signs of spring here in southern Ohio already but Mother Nature can have a cruel side so be prepared!

Happy Hatching,

Jeff Lay
The American Buckeye Club

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