Friday, June 22, 2012

Ohio county fair season underway....Buckeyes are winning, too!

It's hard to believe, but county fair season is already underway here in Ohio and every year we are seeing more and more Buckeye chickens entered in the poultry shows.  Both 4H junior exhibitors and the open classes in many Ohio counties are seeing an influx of Buckeyes!  This is GREAT news for the Buckeye breed and it reflects the efforts and hard work by the American Buckeye Club members who are doing ALL they can to "Preserve the Breed".

For example, just this week on Monday, June 18th at the Pickaway County Fairgrounds near Circleville, Ohio we witnessed one of the FIRST county fair Buckeye winners!  Gabrielle Rybinski and her Buckeye pullet took the "Blue Ribbon" for BEST pullet and the Rybinski family is very proud of their daughters accomplishment.

The American Buckeye Club would like to congratulate Gabrielle Rybinski and thank her family for keeping the Buckeye heritage alive and well in Pickaway County, Ohio!  In addition, the ABC is providing a link to ALL the Ohio County Fairs below and we encourage EVERYONE to visit their county fairs this year and look for the Buckeyes.

Please help the ABC by supporting the 4H chapters ALL over Ohio, after all the 4H program began here in Ohio back in 1902 and children are the future of poultry keeping!  If you have a child or children in 4H and participate in a county fair with Buckeyes please send us pictures or post them at the Facebook group.  We will be posting ALL the show winners that we receive throughout the 2012 fair season!

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