Sunday, May 26, 2013

Southern Ohio Poultry Association Spring 2013 Show

Lucasville, OH - The American Buckeye Clubs 2nd Annual show at Lucasville, Ohio came to a close today (Sunday, May 26th) and we congratulate all the participants and the winners!  As far as Buckeyes are concerned their respective classes in both the Open and Junior divisions were well represented.  There were more Buckeye Large Fowl than any other bred in the American Class this spring! 

                                 Reserve American Buckeye Cock - Shumaker Farms

Once again Shumaker Farms does very well and manages to take a Buckeye Cock to Champion row winning Reserve American.  Like last year, a special trophy was presented called “Nettie’s Vision” and it was awarded to the Buckeye with the best, DARKEST and most even color as Nettie often described in her writings. This year the Nettie’s Vision trophy was awarded to Sydney Shumaker of Shumaker Farms. Again congratulations to ALL of those who put forth the effort and are dedicated to the Buckeye breed! Below are the ABC’s official results;


Jr Buckeye Large Fowl

Best of Breed – Sydney Shumaker (Cock)

Reserve – Evan Edingfield (Hen)

Jr Buckeye Bantam

Best of Breed & Reserve – Brandi Powell (Cockerel & Pullet)

Open Buckeye Large Fowl

Best of Breed & Reserve – Shumaker Farm (Cock & Hen)

Open Buckeye Bantam

Best of Breed & Reserve – Sharon Fields (Cockerel & Pullet)

Nettie’s Vision Trophy – Sydney Shumaker (Cock)

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