Monday, November 25, 2013

The ABC announces its FIRST "Grand Master Buckeye Breeder" in over 100 years!!!

November 25, 2013 Miamisburg, Ohio - The American Buckeye Club's Grand Poobah, Jeff Lay, issued a PROCLAMATION today to honor Shumaker Farms Poultry. The FIRST Proclamation of many we are certain but one of historic significance to the club!  In honor of their poultry exhibition success with Buckeyes, Shumaker Farms Poultry is recognized as "Grand Master Buckeye Breeder" with the following from the royal decree;

In the event the PROCLAMATION can not be easily read from the photo above, below is what was written by the Grand Poobah in detail;


By Virtue of the Authority Vested by the By-Laws in the Grand Poobah of the American Buckeye Club, the Following Shall be Recognized from this Day Forward and Until Time Shall End;


Shumaker Farms Poultry

November 25, 2013


Having been a member of the American Buckeye Club in good standing for many years and not once having done anything to disgrace the royal order of said club; and


Attending many Poultry Exhibitions and showing ONLY the Best of the Best and winning numerous American Championships and a multitude of Champion Large Fowl, not to mention Best of Show with Buckeye Large Fowl in North America; and


Always remaining humble and helpful to other American Buckeye Club members and non-members alike with both exhibition and breeding of the Great Buckeye breed; and  


The Grand Poobah, Jeffrey L. Lay, Hereby Proclaims Shumaker Farms Poultry “Grand Master” Buckeye Breeder effective November 25th, 2013.  Long may the Shumaker’s reign in the world of poultry breeding and exhibition.
-the end-

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Congrats on this sacred honor!!