Wednesday, March 25, 2015

American Buckeye Club Elects Executive Board and District Directors (October 2014)

October 2, 2014 in Miamisburg, Ohio – The oldest Buckeye breed club, associated with the American Poultry Association (APA) since January 18, 1906, took a historic step in electing an Executive Board and District Directors during the first week of October 2014. In addition to the election of officers, a vote was held ratifying a new Constitution and By-Laws for the organization. “Since The American Buckeye Club was re-established in 2008 as a modern internet based breed club our mission was to promote the Buckeye breed around the world.  This has grown into a very large organization that called for a formal structure within the club.” said Jeff Lay who was responsible for bringing the American Buckeye Club (ABC) back to the poultry fancy several years ago.  The core members of the ABC held a meeting in which the following people were elected to their respective positions;

Joe Shumaker – President

Josh Ulrey – Vice President
Rick Presley – Treasurer/Secretary
Cindy Sturgill – District One Director
Sarah Patterson – District Two Director
Bill Francis – District Three Director
Karen Bratcher – District Four Director
Theri Voss – District Five Director

Above is a Map that shows the District Directors and the States or Regions each will cover.  Canada or District Six is currently covered by Joe Shumaker & Josh Ulrey until that position is filled.

Congratulations to ALL the newly elected officers!  Other club business included establishing a the club as a non-profit with the State of Ohio, establishing District, State and National meets for 2015, formalizing the membership application and completing the ABC “Buckeye Nation” News Letter.

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