Monday, September 26, 2016

Autumn 2016 is upon us!

Greetings Buckeye Nation!

It's been a while since we added any new updates to the American Buckeye Club (ABC) blog or website but here we go.  Our Buckeye Breeder Directory is constantly changing and we strive to keep it updated the best we can.  However, some items fall thru the cracks and some breeders drop out without any notification!  If you know of any changes that need to be made please contact Jeff Lay at and let him know what needs updated, deleted or corrected.

As we move into the fall poultry show season lots of folks are going to many local shows and poultry swaps. If you would like us to add any news or events to the ABC blog please let us know!  You can use the same email address above and Jeff will be happy to add any events you like.  If your Buckeyes WIN at a poultry show, please provide us with pictures and details so that we can get those added as well.

Finally, the Ohio National (ON) is just around the corner in early November in Columbus, Ohio and we highly recommend folks plan to attend and visit the American Buckeye Club table!  Once again we will have lots of great items for the kids, Buckeye Breed information and another HUGE gift to Give-Away.  Generally, several top Buckeye breeders are on hand to answer your questions about Buckeye breeding as well.  We hope to see a lot of you in Columbus, Ohio the weekend of November 12, 2016.  Here is a link to the ON

Don't forget, your Buckeyes are moulting and this means they need a little more TLC this time of year and as always egg production drops off during the moult!  Giving your hens a little higher protein diet will help them bounce back quicker, too.

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