Monday, February 11, 2013

February UPDATES and the Breeders Directory

Greetings to everyone from SW Ohio!  We are starting to warm up a little, the snow here is gone (for now) and even the small ponds and lakes have thawed!  Each year we make an effort to UPDATE our "Buckeye Breeder Directory" page and provide some NEWS to our American Buckeye Club members about new happenings.

Well the BIG news for 2013 has been the addition of a couple NEW websites and or Facebook pages;

Shumaker Farm's Poultry, Ohio -

Southwestern Ohio Backyard Poultry -

Eastern Ohio Poultry Association -

Please visit ALL of these sites as they are supporters of The American Buckeye Club and provide unique services to ABC members as well.  If you know of other regional poultry clubs please contact the ABC and we will be happy to provide them with a link here at our website/blog!

Finally, we are currently updating the ABC "Buckeye Breeder Directory" and asking ALL Buckeye breeders who offer hatching eggs, chicks or adult birds to consider adding their contact information to the page.  As ALWAYS being part of the ABC "Buckeye Breeder Directory" is FREE and it doesn't matter if you are a member of another breed club or not we accept anyone with a solid reputation for breeding Buckeyes or new breeders who are trying to get established!  There are several ways to get your contact information listed but the fastest and easiest is to join the Buckeye Facebook group and ask to be added!  Here is a link to help you get started;

We generally add and/or UPDATE the "Buckeye Breeder Directory" on a monthly basis so if you are NOT up and running with your NPIP or website don't worry we can add that info at any time.  Our goal is to help ALL folks interested in buying and selling Buckeyes have a reliable resource and thru this promote the Buckeye breed.  Enjoy what's left of February, spring is just around the corner!!!

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