Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The BUCKEYE hits Europe!!!

Several weeks ago the American Buckeye Club began talking with some nice poultry folks in Europe. This in turn led us to a writer in the Netherlands named Elly Vogelaar of “Aviculture Europe”, a Digital magazine about poultry!  After exchanging information about the Buckeye breed and some photos the folks at Aviculture Europe did an excellent spread simply called “The Buckeye”.  Special thanks goes out to Joe Shumaker of Shumaker Farm Poultry, too!
( ) Joe provided a number of photos and also contributed to the article which has already gotten the attention of many European poultry enthusiasts.  The ABC has already signed up new members from the UK and Ireland with interest in the Buckeye spreading across the pond we hope to help establish more flocks in Europe very soon.

Here is a link to the “Aviculture Europe” website and a link to the PDF version of the article;

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